Moon Days


The Ashtanga Yoga practice is a way to discover your soul and to find inner peace and bliss. I teach the asana practice through the traditional method of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga according to Sri K Pattabhi Jois.

The asana practice is the foundation for a deeper self-study. A healthy body and healthy nervous system is required to be able to handle higher energies, deeper meditations and bigger challenges in life. The asana practice releases tensions, removes toxins and makes the natural breathing strong and free. It improves the concentration and thus makes us more present every moment.


Anybody can practice. If the body has special challenges because of some injuries, handicaps, obesity, they are never an obstacle to start. We can always find together a way to practice by modifying the asanas a little bit. If no asana is possible, then the student learns breathing and sitting still. If sitting is not possible, the student can stand and learn to breath deeply and by that energize the body.

For the beginners I teach a practice which has 5 Surya Namaskaar A:s and 5 Surya Namaskaar B:s and 15 asanas ( After the initiation the student has to memorize the practice. Once the student doesn't have to think about the order of the asanas in the sequence, (s)he can start to explore the breathing and the body through it. The next step is to gradually get used to a daily (from Sunday to Friday) practice of at least 10 minutes. When the daily practice is well established, then the student can make an effort towards the early morning practice to profit of the mornings' special energy and to make the practice in a more meditative state. When the body is familiar with the beginner practice, I guide students forward. Usually in the second beginner level, I teach 9 more asanas. The students integrate these to their own practice at their own pace.

The time needed to complete the Primary Series varies a lot. I never push people, I encourage them though when I see they are stuck to some ideas and old patterns. For some people it takes many years to come back to the body. If you have lived more in your mind, your body feels heavy to carry and to move. Once you get back to your body's energy, you will enjoy moving it every day. This can be hard work at first. Meanwhile you can recognize many positive things in your emotional life, in your mind and energy level in general. When the life situation is challenging, the practice should be easy and comforting.

When the practice is quite easy, made in a concentrated and harmonious way and when the students has enough energy left, I give them more asanas. Some people can finish the Primary Series in one year, but it's quite rare. For those who are in a good condition and can practice many times a week, it usually takes 2-3 years to integrate the practice to their life. Those who do it like any sport and force their bodies, can't keep the rhythm very long. They start and stop and re-start and usually get injured. The growth into the practice is also an important part of self-understanding. Why we behave the way we do, why we can't do what we want to do or decide to do? Gradually we'll discover the reasons behind.

I teach the Intermediate Series when I feel it's the time, anyway not until all the asanas of the Primary Series are correct, the practice is regular and the student is able to come up from the drop-backs.

Through the regular physical practice you get in touch with your subconscious mind and its manifestation in your energy, in your body and your conscious mind. You can heal your deeper layers by the physical body by rectifying the harmful tendencies you become aware of.