Moon Days


Both dancing and yoga are practices where technique and the human spirit unite. In both of them the technique at its best helps us to grow and to become free. It can also become a hindrance to life or a way to control life's pulsations too much. I teach some dance technique, but above all I teach how to go beyond the form by following your own flow. With a free movement and in a free emotional state, we can better find our center and allow our energy to move from there. Yoga and dance are very similar traditions where we are in search of our center to express the human nature from the roots.

Dance is the existing, flowing energy in our core and thus it represents life itself. The essential thing in dance sessions is the discovery of our own emotional center and expression of it in its totality. Our body should surrender to what come's up. Often finding the gravity center takes time, meaning you have to dance for a long time. During the dance sessions the goal is to free the energy in the body and to express everything you are, so that the body, the mind and the emotions are in harmony. They don't have separate truths. You can dance emotions you can't express through words or other means. You can also find things you forgot, when the energy revives the areas that are not in your consciousness. This is how the whole body becomes expressive.

Since a decade I've kept long dance sessions in my yoga retreats. It's been mostly free inspirational movement with music. Sometimes I guide my students in getting rid of a tension or shame in the body and sometimes I show how to make your body heavy or light or how to energize it completely. The dance can be ecstatic or it can also be a kind of self-therapy and homecoming journey to the body.

I got a classical ballet teacher diploma from Centre de Danse de Paris in 1996. Since then I go on dancing classical ballet and many other disciplines, like flamenco, tap dance, African dance and salsa. I also create my own exotic dances wherever I am.