Moon Days


The essence of life is Joy. What separates us from that Joy is our own attitude, our thoughts and also the past experiences which have left their mark in many layers in us. I am open to this deep Joy and I refuse to undermine the possibilities to be connected to it. A long ago, I made it clear for myself not to ever complain, not ever be sullen in any circumstances. And I always find something to be happy about. It's become a natural state for me now. Sometimes I may feel a bit annoyed or I realize I have a boring thought, but as soon as I see it, I look towards the light and stop giving my energy to negativity.

Life is such a fabulous gift! Every moment is incredibly delightful and noble, even if we humans are able to banalize many situations by our narrow personal view. I've never stopped praising life. However the most of my life I've had a distance between me and life and I've been feeling that I was trying to reach life without succeeding in it. For decades I was feeling to be in a restricted state when I really couldn't feel life as a gift. On the contrary. By my own experiences I can understand that many people can't just take life as a gift. There are so many things that can come between life and us.

I respect all life with everything I have. That means I totally respect life in me and I love myself just how I am. I want to protect the Nature, I want' to protect people's inner beauty and sensitivity. I cherish what what is unique in them and for what they can't really have support from anybody, because nobody has the same experiences than they have. I want to be of support to people's creativity and joy by giving space to what is without any judgment.

In the end everything in life is good. Everything can be lived like that. Sadness can create anxiety, but it can also be a really beautiful feeling. It can grow from a sensation of loss to love. Letting go, pain and bitterness can all melt into acceptance and love when we know to which direction we channel our energies and thoughts. I believe that we all have this capacity to transform everything in love.

I believe in silence and non-action. I'm grateful for having found the silent roots of my heart from which I can connect and act. I've realized that all love in us rises from that peaceful gathering of vital energy which we feel as inner peace. Otherwise our action might not be clear and is easily based on stress or feeling of duty.

I believe in the power of silence only when it's connected to its counterpower. We need movement and different energy qualities. Dance is my way. The free and rhythmical expression of life force in my body. Nowadays I feel I'm dancing even when I'm not moving at all. The energy flows as dance in my veins. In addition to this inner dance I study ballet and flamenco regularly. I study the techniques and the fine requirements these dance traditions have when it comes to the use of energy and the expressions of the infinitely expanding spectrum of emotions.

Yoga is a path. It's not life itself, it has no purpose in such. It's a tool which gives access to the life's mystery. The tool needs to be refined, if we are to get into a subtle work. That's why in my life I've been committed to one method to make research on myself. I've seen the freedom the discplined and committed work gives and understood how this gives a fruitful base to an expression of life that has no limits.

For me all the physical practices are rewarding. I love dancing, running and wall climbing. For me the body is true. Whatever I think is just a thought. When I get deep into my body, I understand who I am. Or I understand what's hindering life in me and I can work on that. The yoga asanas are of great help in transformation processes, because it's thanks to them we can bring new information into our physical body and that's how we can integrate a new and healthier way of acting. This leads one day to the situation in which no tool is needed anymore. What's left is a spontanious meeting with life and the loving answer that rises in us to any situation we face.

We are the assemblance of many different bodies. Our finer bodies are true, but we can't dismiss our physical body. That's where our karma is and that's where everything is concrete. Only when our physical body is pure, it's time to make research on finer energies which are influenced by our nutrition, thoughts and emotions.

I'm interested in healthy nutrition, self-study, silence and everything in the Nature. I'm also really interested in interaction with people. I'm fascinated in meeting people as well as a physical beings as on the energy level, but I love all the finesses of communication. I work with myself to tear down the limits I've once settled and I want to be careful not to build new ones or new walls.

My large family has been one of my preferred centers of interest for a quarter of century. There was a time when I wanted to exclude myself from my family. Mission impossible. My family is part of me, I'm part of my family. Today I want to feel myself as a weave of many different voices which originally belonged to someone else.

Life is sacred. This feeling and experience is the biggest ressource in life for me. I am grateful. For everything. I allow my body to be extatic and my heart to sing. Death is sacred. I remember its inevitability and that's one more reason to praise life every moment. I try to meet with Death inside of me daily so that the moment of my death could be love, gratefulness and surrendering.