Moon Days


Whenever I'm invited to a yoga studio to teach regular classes for a longer period of time or jsut some individual classes, I teach following the traditional way of KPJAYI Mysore. I articulate here some of these principles. I don't work with props, music or other entertaining things. I respect the tradition of moon days. I expect students to do the Vinyasa between the asanas and not to skip any asana or change the order of them. I work in silence and in a concentrated manner and appreciate a lot if the students do the same. I underline the globality of the practice. The asana practice includes many other limbs of Ashtanga Yoga. The quality of the relation to others is as important as the quality of the relation to oneself. The awareness should be high also when handling with material things. Friendliness, openness, helpfulness, cleanliness and connection to others create the authentic yogic atmosphere for a class.

In a yoga shala with the Mysore program, I follow the traditional weekly program: Sunday and Friday led Primary Series, other days Mysore practice. Otherwise I do Mysore style classes where students know their practice. I also introduce beginners to this style of practice if they have some practice behind them and are willing to start to do it on their own rhythm in a group. I do absolute beginner classes. The led classes are either a part of the Primary Series or the whole Primary or Intermediate Series. Usually before a led class I present a theme or give space to students' questions. Then the whole group can take into consideration the subjects discussed in the practice that follows.