Moon Days


To start to practice yoga and to integrate it to one's life raises gradually the level of consciousness and breaks the old thinking patterns. The practitioner becomes less mechanical and predictable, because (s)he's connected to existence and makes her/his choices and decisions based on deeper feelings instead of automatisms, fears or prejudices.

Usually this leads to new situations in a family or any relationship. People around don't understand what's going on and sometimes the practitioner doesn't understand it her/himself either. Maybe (s)he wants to start new things in life, to act on intuition and not rationalize everything. Stepping out of the old can provoke insecure feelings in one's family or other relationships. Sometimes even a new level of happiness or joy may disturb the harmony which people are accustomed to.

Beside the increasing clarity in thoughts and intentions the yoga practice can bring up things from the past, especially suffocated emotions. This can be confusing, because the practitioner can't connect the emotions to anything in this moment. They just don't make sense. It can make you feel a new person, not "you" at all.

When you don't know what' s happening and why, a consultation with an experienced practitioner and teacher can help you to understand how yoga works in many different levels in you. I give private consultations. I prefer meeting in person, if it's possible. If not, you can (in order of my preference)

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