Moon Days

Private classes

Sharing the same practice space with others usually supports ideally one's practice and concentration. A group creates always its own unique energy. When different energies meet, there's a communication on that level. It makes everybody more present and alert.

I also give private classes if there's a special need for that. I don't give private classes just if someone prefers them. Sometimes people want to isolate themselves to practice to avoid to feel something and then I encourage them to go towards yoga classes with others. A private class can be a temporary arrangement. Either the customer suggests a program or I can also do it.

In private I teach

* Ashtanga yoga practice initiation and follow-up
* Ashtanga yoga practice with specific needs (injuries, handicaps, obesity)
* Guiding in natural breathing, chakra breathing, breathing with movement
* Body awareness
* Relaxation by speech, touch, chant or energy
* Soul and body reading (blockages in life energy)
* Coming back to the body. Healthy relation to the body, starting from being fully present in the body, standing, walking in a natural, healthy and pleasant way.

People who are ill, should consult a medical professional. My help can be added to a medical health care/cure.