Moon Days


The retreats I organize every now and then are not holiday retreats. They are to silence the mind, to connect deeply with others and to do an intensive transformational inner work. The program provides a structure for the work and contributes to getting in touch with your potential, your deep resources and existence itself.

They are moments of study, relaxation, self-examination and sharing. Sharings are moments to listen to others without commenting or moments of being seen and heard without any judgement from others. The sharing takes place only in meditative gatherings and not through socializing.

I encourage people in the group not to take a role of an observer. Nobody should be an outsider, but really take part. Sometimes people come along with an idea to heal or to participate, but inside they are not ready to reveal anything from themselves. One person rebelling or staying out influences the whole group. In these kind of situations, one person can give the material for others to work with a possible frustration, disappointment, anger. Anything that happens can provide material to work with and the retreat follows the reality, not the ideas how everything should happen.

An average retreat day

7-9 Asana practice
9-10 Breakfast
11-12.30 (program according to the schedule)
12.30 Lunch
15.15-16.45 (program according to the schedule)
17-18 Free dance
18.00 Dinner
19.30 Sauna/Swim/Walk/Silent sitting/Sharing
20.30 Silence

I have different themes depending on my intuition and the request. Usually one theme is carried throughout the week, for example, the Chanting every morning and Yoga Nidra in the afternoon.

These are the options:

Yoga Nidra
Chanting + Philosophy
Family Constellation
Osho Meditation
Asana technique

Off schedule:

Breathing awareness
Relaxation with music or through speech
Group Hugging