Moon Days


I give workshops from a minimum of three days up till one week. My personal preference as a teacher is for workshops of 4-5 days where the first meeting is a sharing and an introduction to the work. My exprience is that a short workshop has a great influence on dissipating the presence of the participants. When the students feel the end is close, they either try to get everything out of the workshop or try give everything they have. When there's more time, students relax and don't try to impress the teacher or themselves. Less there's stress, better it is for the practice and for the well-being of all.

The workshops are moments to get the practice evaluated and corrected and to learn more. Learning can sometimes mean deepening the understanding or the feeling, having insights rather than getting more acrobatic or getting more physical skills. The corrections can be very subtle or there might be no corrections at all. I listen to the energy and work intuitively. Instead of making people ambitious or competitive I see myself like an energy stabilizer. I always work in a peaceful atmosphere. I don't make students to push their limits to the extreme, but prefer learning in awareness and softness which can also be really intense.

The workshops are intensive through the energy exchange. Depending on the attitude of the student, this exchange can be exhaustive or energizing. As I work in the asana practice with my intuition, I follow the energy. If I don't feel the student is receptive, I can't do much. I never force. What is needed that the work can evolve, is mutual trust. Sometimes it's there immediately, no preparation or getting to know each other needed and everything goes in a flow. Sometimes it's not and if the student and the teacher don't have a good communication, then it's maybe better not to work together in the future. It's two people's energy together that brings the magic to the situation. The trust is not a decision or a mental state, it's more about two energies creating naturally a harmonious space.

The workshops are great meetings of human hearts. They are as much a collective experience as they are an individual adventure. As the group energy is formed from the very first moments, it's important that everybody can commit themselves from the begininning to the end. Whatever happens to one of the participants, is felt in the whole group.

You don't have to be in great condition to participate. You can come tired, recovering from a sickness, injured, you can come just as you are!