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Sacral yoga is a physical and spiritual method of self-understanding and well-being.

The sacrality is the essence of the method. Our spiritual and sacred (sacral) center is the heart. The center of physical body is the spine and its most important organizer is the sacrum (sacral) bone.

Through these two centers we connect to the source of life physically and spiritually via different practices. When the connection is alive it’s maintained and strengthened with the same practices.

The Sacral Yoga is a synthesis of different traditions which have their roots in the silence of the mind and a deep presence. In order to understand the wisdom of any spiritual tradition, we need to have the same kind of presence.

Most spiritual traditions emphasize that the spiritual knowledge is transmitted directly from an individual to another, from a nerveous system to another instead of intellectual explanations. Our first experiences of life are physical connection to another and feeling of the presence of the other. When we get back to this original peacefulness, everything changes. We are filled with deep joy of existence.

The goal of Sacral Yoga is the freedom of the body and the spirit. The freedom to be fully oneself and live a life corresponding to the whispers of one's own heart.

The Roots of Sacral Yoga

The Sacral Yoga is the synthesis of some principles of the Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy and the Ashtanga yoga practice completed by meditative dance. Biodynamic refers to the rhythms and movement (dynamic) of life (bio). Cranio refers to the skull (cranium), sacral to the sacrum bone. Between these two parts of the human body are located the spine and the central nervous system. Sacral also refers to sacrality, the sacredness in us and life. That’s the heart of yoga.

In Sacral Yoga method the awareness of cranio-sacral connection and the sacred texts of yoga generate together a spirituality where all life is respected. The biodynamic way means that you never practice against yourself or against what is natural. You look for the life’s guidance.

The research of the natural breath and surrendering to it is the first step. The neutral state emerges from this condition. The neutral state and the nonstressful way also outside the practice are important elements in my teaching.

The heart of the asana practice in Sacral Yoga is to awaken the awareness of the position of the spine and the sacrum bone. Then gradually to become conscious of their movement and to subtly control them. The asana practice is the foundation for the harmonization of different layers in us. The spiritual transformation gets incarnated little by little and that’s how the mind, the emotions and the body really become one.

The piety, the presence and the potency of life I have experienced in Cranio-Sacral sessions have been the reasons to give more space in my own teaching to be quiet, to listen, to see and to love instead of talking and doing and pretending.

In this therapeutic tradition one can find a lot in common with the yoga philosophy as a life attitude. Instead of seeing the problems, faults and imperfections, we look at what is well. We don’t push sickness away, but we don’t give it energy either. We look constantly towards the health. We don’t deny the existence of problems, but we can see them as part of a greater whole which is in balance. We don’t meet other people through their weaknesses, but their strength and beauty. We look for a connection to life which is always flowing and we go with the flow.