Moon Days


The Sacral Yoga is an evolutive method even if there are few fixed elements. The method serves as a tool that helps the practitioner to listen to life’s invisible manifestations. It’s a flexible system that supports life in different ways according to its expressions.

One of the basic ideas in Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy is that essential in us is fluid. Our central nervous system floats in the cerebrospinal fluid and this fluid is ”breathing”. The quality of the breath of this liquid influences many things in us. In this liquid resides our purest essence and the potential of healing. When we give time to ourselves to feel the rhythm of this breath in all our cells and beyond, we are connected to the Breath of Life in us, i.e. our Health.

Naturally, it’s not only about the liquid, but what does it carry. The founder of osteopathy, Andrew Taylor Still, said that the body, the soul and the spirit meet in the cerebrospinal fluid. We can connect to an endless dynamic stillness behind the flow. This connection can be called yoga, meditation or prayer.


The practice of yoga harmonizes the nervous system. The healthy system enables reaching higher levels of consciousness. Because everybody’s nervous system is different, the yoga practice is individual as well. It is individual in length, intensity and nature. In Sacral Yoga the individual always counts more than the practice.

The practice of asanas is done with harmony, beauty and fluidity. Otherwise the practice can become a competitive experience and thus develop tension and stress. If we practice with stress, the practice makes the body hard and the breathing anxious. If breathing is difficult in asana practice, the body is not ready. The body is not ready, because the nervous system is not ready.

The free breathing is one of the essential things in Sacral Yoga. If you ask people to control the breath in the beginning, you take away the possibility to connect with the natural breath. We need to breathe as our breathing goes. We can’t force it if we wish to discover it.

The biodynamic breathing is an experience of our limitlessness. The breathing should be natural, free, joyful, full and spacious. In Sacral Yoga you free your breathing first. Then you learn to move your body in synchronicity with the breath without retaining it at all. You learn how to bring strength, support and lightness to your body through your breath. Free breathing means that the breath works correctly, subtly and gives better health. Animals give a great example of that. Their breath is always completely in harmony with what they are doing.

First you need to find the connection and the freedom with the breath. Then the breath connects you with the vital energy. Little by little you can start to guide it wisely. It can never mean difficulties in breathing or any anxious feeling, because that’s when we do against our system.

We consciously build ourselves with good ingredients. We work with awareness without forcing. We give space and we discover. Life guides us to the best direction.